This will actually be my second trip with Russell to the Outer Banks this year, since my broken fibula necessitated delaying the 2007 trip to January of 2008. Being there way off-season we found the usual Port-O-Call restaurant closed the winter and ended up enjoying the tasty and texturally satisfying Meridian 42. Now that the tradition of the Port-O-Call has been compromised there are a few dinner spots to consider:

The Weeping Radish was recommend by John C. (thanks John!) from a LIST compiled at There's another too, so we may have to have a nice afternoon beer and one of them and dinner somewhere else.

As usual we'll stay at the Oville and Wilbur Days Inn Oceanside. The fireplace, hot cider and popcorn in the lobby along with the wood interior make it a cozy place on a chilly day, wich is likely in mid-November.

Although not shown in the posted slide show, two years ago on our return trip we attempted to ride the ferries from Hatteras Island to Ocracoake and on to Cedar Island. I say ride meaning "stand" as there is no way to secure the bikes and we had to stand beside them and hold them up the entire trip to Ocracoake and back!

We were sent back to Hatteras due to high winds and flooded in by rain and the winds pushing water from the sound onto the island. We started the night seeking shelter up on the dry porch of a tiny strip mall. Marooned by the flood we were treated to some Gatorade by a soft hearted local and finished the night in an empty rental condo. We were invited to the condo by Rudy, an employee of the rental condo's owner, who was also stranded and seeking shelter. We walked through the waist deep flood to reach the condo just down the street and were lucky to be able to dry our gear in the condo's dryer. Not sure if we will attempt the water crossing by ferry again this year.