July 3, 2004 -Nova Scotia Trip - DavidSumner.net
David Sumner



5:30 arrived quickly. We were on the road a little after 6:00 hurtling up I-81 in search of I-84. We intended to follow 84 around all the big cities, DC and NY in particular. We made good time until we hit MA, a goat rope all the way around. Not only did it have terribly crowded "service areas" for gas and food, but there were toll booths all afternoon. After we sat in a 4 mile traffic jam waiting to clear a toll booth, I started to worry about Russell's Iron Butt Saddle Sore deadline.

Although the Garmin GPS V was a a great help on the trip, it has serious shortcomings navigating against the base map in the absence of detail maps, and an even worse time navigating with a mix of base map and detail maps with a route created on the PC. Basically it gives direction point to point, not following roads, which makes it grossly underestimate the mileage to the next way point. The Saddle Sore was looking bad as the projection arrival time continued to climb. Rather than making it to the hotel by the deadline, we were forced to stop at a gas station about 3-5 minutes before the deadline in search of a witness to sign the ending paperwork. Although all the paperwork (and the exact mileage tally) is not prepared yet, I think Russell will be OK.

We made it to the hotel around 6:30PM to find Jeff and Olivia, who had left a day ahead of us, had beat us there by a couple hours and were hard at work in the hotel gymn.

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