10 July, 2004 - Nova Scotia Trip - DavidSumner.net
David Sumner



Newport Rhode Island is the land of hedges and mansions. While we were there we saw a Tennis Hall of Fame event and a Mercedes special collector car event with at least one old gull wing. We headed to the extreme south tip to see Marble House. It seemed a more comfortable living space than The Breakers, but was also huge and impressive. The lady of the house, Alba ( a Vanderbilt for a while), commisioned a tea room in the back yard based on a 12th century (I think?) temple. It was the sight of many of her social functions in supoort of security for women the right to vote. She was a maverick, being perhaps the first socialite to pursure divorce, which she explained she felt obligated to do as a beacon for other women. It was an interesting tour and we had a liesurely morning before heading out for our hotel in Lancaster PA.

It was my intention to enjoy some Ahmish farm land on the way to Lancaster but none was in evidence. We blasted (and sat in traffic) on a route we made up off a low detail map at a gas station rathrer than letting the GPS route us because we wanted to avoid NY after hitting Boston the day before. We should have taken NY. Our route was over 100 miles longer and went very slowly through several towns, especially when we ran into a carnival about 30 miles from Lancaster.

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