The Plan:

Four guys, four bikes, 2 days of bluegrass, sixteen days of motorcycling, mountains, and desert.

We plan to spend 2 days traveling from Raleigh NC to Grants NM via interstate and 2 days completing the trip to Telluride CO via 400 miles of dirt and gravel roads crossing and following the great divide. Somewhere in the mix will be 2 days of lying around in listening to bluegrass, and 10 sweet days of desert wandering around the four corners area. Sounds like fun!

The Potential Route

Possible points of interest:

The Bikes

The bikes will be freshly serviced (valves, oil and tires mostly) just before the trip. I will be running Slime in my front and rear tubes. Damn those tube type tires. Wish I could fit the GS tubeless spoked wheels. Slime seems a bit controversial, but a buddy tested a used slimed tire/tube by driving a nail in it and driving around. Even after pulling the nail out the leak sealed very quickly. This didn't test longevity, but better than a high speed deflation. I need to remember to check each tire for FOD each day. The spare tube will be available should I find hole.

What to take

I want to have access to email and any travel information (weather, maps, directions, etc.) while on the road so electronics are in the plan. Tools are a must for a trip of this length, particularly with some of the remote areas we will be visiting.

E-52 top case, pair of Givi E-21 side cases, Kawasaki Tank Bag, and a Moose Dual Sport fender bag.
Laptop, camera and battery charger, MP3 player, radio,cell phone and connectivity cable. Maybe a small recorder for journaling. UPDATE: Palm Tungsten|T will serve as MP3 player and voice recorder for journaling.
KLR650 tool kit supplemented with hex keys. Moose tire irons, Leatherman tool and Leatherman crunch locking plyers tool, 8 inch adjustable wrench, 12 volt air compressor, spare rear tube.
We will be staying in a hotel about every other day and washing laundry every few days, so I packed sparingly. Socks, underwear, swimsuit, shorts, tee shirts and running shoes. The kevlar lined Draggin' Jeans and Draggin' leather jacket will protect me on the bike.
Camping gear:
We plan to camp during the bluegrass festival, and every other day thereafter, and whenever we can't find a hotel. So I'll pack a Thermarest self-inflating pad, 20 def F sleeping bag, and a huge 4 man tent by Sears (hawked as a "Sir Edmund Hillary"). All this fits in the Givi E-52 bag except the tent poles. The tent poles go in the folding aluminum char bag bungeed to the seat in front of the luggage. Upon further consideration after a shakedown trip to test the luggage I may leave my own chair-in-a-bag at home and buy one at the bluegrass festival and give it away shortly thereafter. It is very nice to be able to stretch out on the whole seat on long interstate portions of the ride. That $10 could buy a lot of comfort over the four long days of slabbing.