Saturday Day 9 - June 21

Saturday June 21
9:30 Gates Open
9:45 - 11:30 Band Contest Finals
11:45 -1:00 Mike Marshall and Edgar Meyer
1:15 - 2:30 Peter Rowan and Tony Rice
2:45 -4:00 Mary Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin
4:15 - 5:30 Yonder Mountain String Band
6:30 - 8:00 Emmylou Harris & Spyboy
8:30 -10:30 Vince Gill and special guests
11:00 -12:30 The Horseflies
Saturday brought a welcome rest from the road and a beautiful day to lounge in the gorgeous town of Telluride and relax to some music. During festivals the town of Telluride restricts vehicle traffic in-town to only those possessing a pass, presumably locals and those working the festival. This means riding a bus from the Telecamp campground into town. Once in town the festival, restaurants and shops are all close together and easily accessible.

It was interesting talking to the friendly bus drivers, many of whom came from neighboring towns 30-40 miles away to work the festival. Telluride has many festivals and a lot of the workers I talked to are festival regulars. We disembarked at the far (east) end of town and were greeted by the beauty of the mountains surrounding Telluride and the festival grounds.

The schedule for the day boasted a few well known names, with the morning being not quite so distinguished as the afternoon. So we staked out one of the few good spots left inside the fiestival and headed back out into town to check out Telluride.

Telluride is a charming town with Colorada Ave (Hwy 145) serving as sort of a main street running east and west all the way through town. There were relstaurants and gift shops lining main street as well as an outdoor supply store, hardware store, book store, pretty much anything you could need, except a motorcycle shop. We found an open bar and dined on pancakes, eggs, bacon and orange juice (spiked and regular).

Our view of the stage was a bit distant on Saturday. The best spots are claimed early by the laying of tarps. Some folks wait all night in line and run to claim a spot when the gates are open. We did not. We could hear just fine from our late and leisurely claimed spot.

Having loafed through the band contest finals we settled in to hear Mike Marshall and Edgar Meyer playing mandolin and base. Although not much of a traditional bluegrass listener, I really enjoyed these two. Like many of the performers at this festival they are no particularly tradtional, mixing styles quite a bit. After Peter Rowan and Tony Rice played, Mary Chapin Carpenter took the stage, performing what I could best describe as durges. What happened to that snappy stuff I'd heard on the radio? The tunes were unexpectedly slow but performed very well, lulling the crowd into a sleepy inactivity in the growing afternoon sun. Between the sun, the snacks from the vendors surrounding the festival grounds, and the slow tunes I was ready for a nap and some shade. I made for the buses and rode back to the campground and flopped out for a while. Jeff and Don stayed on to hear the music, with Don eventually returning to the campground for some rest as well.

After a short conversation about what to do about dinner Don and I called Jeff at the festival (viva la cell phone!) to invite him to dinner in downton Telluride. The call found Jeff still satisfied from our hearty lunch (was it pizza or chicken on a stick?) from the festival vendors and enjoying the music, so we boarded the bus and headed into town. We found what appeared to be a small bar labeled simply CAFE and waited for the bartender to unlock the door. A waiter appeard and ushered us around back to an area filled with candlelit tables and soft music. Ooh la la. We feasted on a great dinner including an appetizer of calamari and a bottle of red, amid well dressed couples while wearing our shorts, sandles, and festival dirt. Meanwhile at the festival, Jeff was jamming to Emmylou Harris & Spyboy, and then Vince Gill, whose special guest turned out the be Amy Grant. After dinner we joined Jeff at the festival for a little while before heading back to the tents for the night.