Friday Day 8 - Canyons, Calzones and Camping at the Festival

Friday we ran down to Gunnison and parked downtown for lunch. The sportsbar we had targeted was not serving so we walked down the street to see what else Gunnison had to offer. We ended up at Paisano's Ny Pizza and had great Calzones and Strombolies. After lunch we weighed the options on getting Jeff's knobby tire changed in Gunnison or later, but later would put us into sunday night/Monday morning, not a good time for getting motorcycle work done. We'd learned out lesson the previous weekend. The Yamaha dealer in town could not get to it in a timely manner so we asked at a non-franchised dirt bike shop just down the street and they obliged. The guy who changed the tire had run 8 ISDE's garnering several golds and some silvers, did not catch his name, but saw the trophies. Lacking the usual tools he threw the wheel on the floor and jumped up and down on it to break the bead and used hard tools with no rim protectors, I guess that'a dirt bike thing. But the tire was changed in fairly short order at a reasonable price. I barely had time to grab some cleaner and hit the car wash about two blocks away. I used some simple green, at Don's suggestion and got my bike as clean as it has been since it left the show room. That's good stuff.

We did scenic detour around Black Canyon, one of the twistiest roads we had seen so far. The views are beautiful and the curves just keep on coming. Almost no traffic to boot.

You can't pass by Lake City, a charming little town without visiting the Alfred Packer massacre site. After reading the sign Don's hunger was becomming more worrisome by the moment, so I took the opportunity to assure Don that I voted republican in the last election and offered him one of my power bars.
Continuing on highwy 50 afterward we ended the day in Telluride around 2130. We busted butt to get the tents up before total darkness, pitching them on the dirt section of a softball field. The tents were packed in like sardines, definitely not you back-to-nature relaxation camp site. We then headed over to the festival grounds to get our tickets. We just got them before the ticket boot closed and wandered into the festival. We caught the end of Bela Fleck and the beginning of Leftover Salmon before heading back to the tents for a good night's sleep. Luckily Jeff had talked them into letting him camp for the night even though his tickets were locked up in the post office over night.