Sunday Day 3 Cadillacs and Rest

Short day today, rode into Texas and paused long enough to get a snapshot of us lurking in the vicinity of the Texas sign. We were there just a little while and watch two or three cars stop to snap pictures also.

We continued on to Amarillo to see Cadillac ranch and have a steak at the Big Texan. Good eats. At the ranch we managed to get two bikes through the pedestrian gate and get some snapshots of the bikes out by the cadillacs. cool.
The picture to the left shows Dog 1of a two dog pooper trooper set belonging to a couple from Florida. The dogs arrived and immediately began to urinate and defecate on everything in sight. During a brief high speed chasing match one of the dogs attempted to run between Don's legs and failed, almost knocking him to the ground. The owners just laughed and talked about all the other national attractions the dogs had equally sullied.
We headed to the Big Texan for dinner. While I was not ready to try the big steak, a free 72 ouncer if you finished it in an hour, I was ready to try the big chair. On the bar in front of me they had lists of successful 72 ounce diners, it seems that happens just about every day.

I was to visit that bar after we waited, parched, for beverage service for our yet to materialize waitress. When I strode to the bar (I was in Texas, after all), the bar maid asked "don't you want your waitress to get you beer?". "Desperately" was my reply.

Note the prominence of the now fabled Cat Piss Boots in this photo, more on this later ...

"Get in mah belly!"

The Big Texan is a lively place with a strolling string trio wander from table to table.
And they light the place well at night so cowpokes coming in off the range can find their way.