Friday Day 1

Hectic day. Finished packing the luggage at lunch. I got the shot to the left of the KLR packed and ready to go. Also had to pack and ship some stuff to friends and relatives and find some crap in the garage. It took several trips from the living room to actually get everything on the checklist, and it's hotter than nine chinese hells out side in moto gear. And twice as humid. Great. Rain in the forecast ... again.
After a half hour of stop and go traffic on Hwy 70 for an accident I arrived at Jeff's place to find him and Don parked out by the street comparing bikes. I pulled up and joined the party. After some photos and some last minute printing of Iron Butt Forms (Doh!) we suited up and blasted out around 6:40PM.

Side note: A local native offered to sell us waterproof boots, which we politely declined. There were no boots available for showing. AFter one gas stop (during which we donned rain gear) and some starlight cruising we completed about 230 miles and arrived at the Econo Lodge off exit 55 just before Asheville. We pulled off for gas when I hit reserve and decided to wait until morning to fill up with gas since we needed datestamped receipts for the start of the Iron Butt Saddle Sore ride. So Econolodge it was. We pulled off the bags, pulled out the Wild Turkey and toasted our early success.

The Palm Tungsten T did very well as an MP3 player, only lacking a little volume when the earbuds slipped out of my ears a little. I need to attach some better foam portions onto the earbuds like Jeff has. 12V charging rig worked fine for the evening. I also used the Tungsten to voice journal the days activities when we got to the hotel. Love that Palm.

Rain sucks for vacation rides.

A walk down the street turned up only a barely open Arby's for dinner, with Conoco supplying the beer. If you want an active night life, don't move to the outskirts of Asheville.